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Meet up the pros of the scene!

At the conference of "netzwerk recherche" (a German club of journalists, who promote investigative research) in Hamburg our students came in close contact with experts of data driven journalism. The students collected the professional ideas of the journalists as articles for the conference blog.

The conference blog (only in German): Zum Tagungsblog - Akteure im Datenjournalismus

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Learn to tell your story with data!

"Do not trust any statistics you have not falsified yourself." (proverb)

At this point data-driven journalism starts. The world wide web is full of databases. Our students at TU Dortmund learn to analyse them. With journalistic skills and statistic methods.

The keywords of the studies are: research, analysis and visualization.

Where can i find data? Which data is legaly available? These questions the students discuss in journalistic courses. At the same time they are supported by the faculty of computer science to get to know special computer programms. And the faculty of statistics shows them how to analyse the searched data. To transform the data into a good and well visualized story the students join for example special projects and learn there to use grafic tools by professional data journalists.